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How to create content ?

You can't find your favorite song ? Your awesome effect isn't referenced yet ? You're the biggest fan of an artist and you can't find that one ? Please help us and create it, directly within your setting ! Don't forget GTSO is a community based platform so we need you to add content.

Please avoid duplicates, if you can't find, for example an artist, try to type his name in different ways before creating a new one. Also, because the aim is to help other with their effects and gear, avoid creating effects crafted by you of modified, same goes for artists that are not well known.

Don't worry about images, after reviewing your setting, if you have created some new content that can help others, we will add an image.

How can I edit my setting ?

For the moment we do not allow edition of published settings, to respect other users ratings and favorites. Maybe we'll add it in the future. If you realize you made a typo or need to add some extra content in the note section for example, you can contact-us here and if the modifications doesn't completely change the setting we'll be happy to modify it for you.

Content creation guidelines

When adding instrument buttons, you often have to refer to different pickups volumes knobs, please name them 'Neck pickup', 'Middle pickup' and 'Bridge pickup'. When naming instrument, effects or amp, please start with the manufacturer then the name, for example 'Fender Telecaster 1952'.

Creating new effects make them available to others, so even if you do not use all the buttons of the effect, please create them all. Because if an other user use it in his setting he will maybe need them.

How it works ?

Setting is the keyword here, it's a set of effects, you can see it as a pedalboard. You can choose any effects you want, order them, choose precisely which buttons you want to touch, which switch you want to enable or disable. Anything you can tune on your physical effect is adjustable on GetTheSoundOf.

I can't see my setting !

Because we want to avoid duplicates and have a clean directory, when you create a setting, an effect, an artist or other content, we will review it before publishing. So it's possible that it'll be refused or modified. We will try to be as quick as possible.

How can I contact you ?

If you have a question or some request, you can reach the team with our contact form.

About the website

GetTheSoundOf or GTSO, is a completely free and community based website. It aims to help guitarists and bassists to find and share their gears settings (instrument, effects and amp). The idea is simple, you found how to adjust your effects to sound like some artist in a song and want to share it with others, then GTSO is here for you.

GTSO was created as a sideproject by team members of the french web agency WebLogin based in the south of France.

Aimery Elie

Find how to get the sound of : Cliff Burton